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Quality Policy

GENSER Engineering and Contracting Inc., is engaged in installation, commissioning and testing of electrical and mechanical equipment. Our policy is to identify the needs of our customers and satisfy them by our quality products and services delivered on time, in conformance with their requirements, through professionally trained employees.

To implement this policy, GENSER will ensure:

  • To monitor the electrical installation process towards building quality into our system and services.
  • To systematically evaluate and monitor the performance of our sub-contractors to assure the quality of sub-contracted services.
  • To provide timely delivery of our services to our customers.
  • To ensure the involvement and upgrading the skills of the employees through training.
  • To maintain and protect confidentiality and proprietary rights of the customers.
  • To strive for continuous improvements through systematic identification of the root causes behind the non-conformities and subsequent elimination of the same.

The quality policy and objectives are mandatory to all employees of GENSER. All employees are made aware of this policy through, awareness programs, displays along with confidentiality and fair practice agreement.

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