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Company Profile

Genser has been established in 1986 as a dynamic and developing construction organization and is now ranked among Turkey's top Construction Companies.

In the past few years Genser has made significant achievements in electrotechnical fields and turnkey projects. We have succesfully and promptly carried out a wide rang of construction projects in industrial, commercial, healtcare, education, tourizm and military sectors.

Furthermore, Genser also efforts for energy and co-generation projects in Turkey by forming a business partnership with specialist companies.

Genser is an E&M Construction company executing diverse E&M projects ranging from Commercial Buildings to Hospital, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Residentials and Industrial projects.

Utilizing the latest standarts of engineering programs, the building structures and its different uses are well studied, and the necessary system design and shop drawings are prepared and correlated.

Run by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians specialized in electromechanical installations and control systems, whose mission is pursuing and overseeing all the processes of installation, commissioning and balancing, applying the latest measuring instruments.

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