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High Voltage Projects

Dushanbe Cıty Electrıc Network Rehabilitation Projects

High Voltage Projects

110KV Substation Project

Hydropower plant projects

Golovnaya 45mw hydropower plant project

Industrial Buildings

Algida Ice-Cream Factory

Medical Buildings

Inonu Unıversty research and development Hospital

Metro Projects

Adana Metro Projects

Pharmaceutical Plants

Bilim İlaç Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Factory

Residence Projects

Larus Palas Project

Restoration Projects

Bebeköy Restoration Projects


Genser is a leading end-to-end contracting company providing Electrical & Electromechanical, Infrastructure, Water & Power Projects and has provided quality engineering services on domestic and abroad. We provide a full range of Engineering & Construction Services and Solutions.

Precisions of design, managing and executing projects efficiently and professionally, as well as adherence with work schedules are the most prominent features of our deep-routed business policy. The company’s expertise spans from providing complete solutions through Design and Build, to Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Contracting Services.

Our web page is designed to give you more information about our company and our work. General company information can be find within the first two sections of our web page.

For information about our works please visit the "References" section.

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